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On today’s show, we have with us Anne-Marie Raymond, an amazing woman with an amazing story of recovery. At the age of 40, Anne-Marie was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) – a progressive form of autoimmune arthritis which causes severe system inflammation, primarily affecting the spine and over time fusing the vertebrae together. It causes extreme pain and makes daily tasks like walking, sleeping, getting into a car or lifting a small child an exercise in agony. Despite her doctor’s insistence that diet had absolutely nothing to do with the disease, Anne-Marie tenaciously walked the path of wholefoods to regain her health. First beginning with Paleo then moving onto the GAPS diet, Anne-Marie has now managed to reverse her symptoms and gotten off her medication. If you’re feeling down and that life is too hard, this is one inspirational episode you don’t want to miss.

Show notes…
Anne-Marie has recently started blogging about her condition. You can read more about her journey here:

Anne-Marie’s AS facebook group:

Guest blog post Anne-Marie wrote for Good Mood Food:

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