Show Notes

This week Jo and Fouad talk to Matt Rutley about the importance of natural movement and fitness. Matt is a human movement specialist and adaptability coach. He is the owner, founder and head coach of Stage 6 Health & Fitness in Nundah, Australia’s first dedicated natural movement facility. He has been coaching various sports and martial arts since since 2010, both in Australia and the U.S. and is the MovNat Team Instructor for Australia and the Pacific Rim.

Matt has always had a gift for learning and picking up new things. Growing up on a farm in the Australian bush, physical competence, efficiency and adaptability were all a part of Matt’s daily existence. His father taught him and his brothers much about bush craft, carpentry, survival, hunting, tracking, butchery and blacksmithing. He credits this early education in natural movement and adaptability to his success as a coach, a semi professional rugby athlete, a fighter, a craftsman, artist and even a Protection Bullfighter. His passion now is using natural movement as a way to help people unlock their own adaptive and creative potential.

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