Show Notes

Happy New Year! Jo and Fouad kick the new year off with a fun foodie chat this week, discussing the coming food trends for 2017. They also talk through their own food and health goals, and what that looks like in everyday meals. And they give an update on their new cookbook, Life-Changing Food, which is due for release in March!! (SeeĀ

Listen in as they discuss:

– interesting ways to use cauliflower
– naturally purple foods and why they’re so cool
– the awesomeness of mushrooms for immune boosting
– ethically raised meats
– how to cook awesome pork belly with crackly skin
– buddha bowls and burger bowls
– ancient grains and gluten free baking
– safer sous vide
– flexitarian diets & learning to adjust the way you eat to suit your body
– sugars, carbs, starches and having a balance
– seasonal eating
– how to eat pesticide-free on a budget
– keeping it simple!