Show Notes

What’s the best water to drink? What should you look for in a good water filter? Which is better – reverse osmosis, distilled, alkalised, rain water, spring water… ?

Does your head spin when you try to work out the answers to these questions?

This week Jo chats with Kate Waterson of zazen Water about all things water and filters! Jo gets questions every week in her chat groups about water filters, and how to go about improving water quality for drinking and showering, so she gathered the questions together and asked the expert.

Kate is a nutritionist and a manager-partner of zazen Water – a business focused on improving water for our children, and bringing better health to our communities through an improved water supply. Listen in and find the answers to these questions and more:

– What health benefits are there to drinking pure, mineralised water?

– What should you look for in a water filter?

– How important is it to remove chlorine and fluoride?

– What are the benefits of alkalising your water and adding back in the minerals lost through filtration?

– What’s the most affordable water filter for a family? Can you get good results from just using a Brita jug?

– Is a reverse osmosis filter the best option?

– What about rain water, spring water, distilled water and tank water? Which ones need to be filtered and which don’t? Do they need to be remineralised?

– Why is it so important to filter not only drinking water, but also shower water?

– What’s some good options for those renting or travelling?

– How can my child’s school learn more about getting free water filters for the school?

A very helpful interview that will give you the answers you need.

Kate has generously offered a discount on water filters to our listeners! Go to and enter the coupon code QCWATER15 to receive 10% off your order. (the discount has changed from 15% to 10% off).