Show Notes

In this episode, Fouad shares his story of growing up in Lebanon during the height of the civil war, living on a diet heavy with highly refined flour, sugar and skim milk powder, and relying on constant courses of antibiotics to avoid illness. He became overweight from an early age, and later on his health deteriorated creating many chronic illnesses that started from when he was 13 years old. He moved to Australia to work and study in 2001, and his health continued to worsen. In 2011, he was introduced to the insulin hypothesis and began eating a low carb diet, cutting out grains, legumes and sugar. He lost 24 kilos, healed his chronic illnesses and greatly reduced symptoms of lingering ailments.

Over the years, Fouad’s diet has evolved to a more flexible paleo-style diet which includes some safe starches and less fats. Jo and Fouad talk about how the way we eat changes as we heal, and as we go through different seasons of life; and how important it is to understand that healing takes time, and ‘diets’ can’t be expected to change everything overnight.

Fouad loves to share his experiences of using food for healing in the hope that others may also benefit from it. He and Jo are working together to write recipes, teach classes and speak at health seminars to help others on their health journeys. Fouad is also beginning private health coaching and can be contacted at or email at