Show Notes

In this fascinating interview with nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara, you will learn the background behind her new documentary “What’s With Wheat”. We delve into the issues of wheat and gluten allergies, why they have become so prevalent, and what the main issues with wheat are.

Cyndi began her research into wheat and gluten allergies and intolerances, and what causes them, when she began to have problems with wheat at 40 yrs old. She realised that out of anyone, she shouldn’t have any reactions to wheat – she had a very clean diet, had never had antibiotics and medications, ate mostly organic, had never had any food intolerances, so surely had a very healthy gut… Why was it suddenly causing her to react?

Cyndi answers questions like:

Is non-coeliac wheat sensitivity real? What are scientists saying about it?

Why do we see such an improvement in health when modern wheat is taken out of the diet?

What about organic wheat? Or ancient grains?

What about sourdough bread?

What is an optimal diet? Or are there different ways of eating to suit different people?

How can we reduce the toxins in our food, and make changes that will help to improve the way our society eats?

As Fouad says, “This documentary will be a big catalyst for change in our world, and a big help to so many people. Cyndi, the world owes you one!”

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