Show Notes

This is a beautiful, encouraging and informative podcast that will be a big help to women who are looking for ways to optimise their own health, and the health of their baby – whether baby is just a distant hope not yet realised, or already part of the family. Mary talks to us about her own experiences with her babies, both before she embarked on the healing journey of GAPS, and after, and what differences she’s seen. She shares the ups and downs, the mistakes and the successes, and most importantly she shares a message of hope for all who have been through the traumas of having children with severe allergies and illnesses, and are frightened to have another baby in case it happens again. She’s here to say you CAN optimise a better outcome, and although none of us can control every variable as parents (and we have to learn to let go of that compulsion), there are things you can do to stack the deck in your baby’s favour.

If you’re thinking this podcast will only make you feel like a bad mother who did everything wrong, and it’s too late to change things for your baby – think again!! Mary is very adamant that wherever you are, in whatever stage of pre-conception, pregnancy, baby days, or even toddlers years, there are things you can do to help your little ones to be healthy and well, and to recover your own health also.

Mary struggled with major post-natal and peri-natal depression with her first two pregnancies, her son had multiple allergies (some of which were life-threatening), her daughter had ADHD, and they all struggled with parasites. After working through the GAPS protocol, the changes in her family’s health were so amazing she couldn’t keep it to herself, and began a blog and coaching business called Good Mood Food, to help others on their healing journey. She now has a beautiful, healthy third child, and is helping other mums to work towards healing themselves so that their children will benefit also.

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