Show Notes

This week Jo chats to a very special guest, Dr Kelly Brogan from New York, who has a masters in neuroscience and is a board certified psychiatrist. Dr Kelly calls herself a ‘holistic psychiatrist’ and is quite unlike any psychiatrist you’ve probably have ever heard of. She doesn’t believe in prescribing anti-depressants, and instead works to get people off medication.

Dr Kelly¬†has recently written a very controversial book called “A Mind of Your Own” where she destroys a few myths about depression, explains how depression and anxiety can be healed naturally, and shares some of big pharma’s biggest secrets when it comes to anti-depressants.

In this episode Dr Kelly talks about why depression is not a disease, why the serotonin theory of depression is wrong, why many psychiatric diagnoses are caused by underlying physical ailments, and what your first steps should be if you suffer from depression.

Dr Kelly Brogan is the keynote speaker at the upcoming MINDD Forum in Sydney, 20-22 May Рmore info here:

Dr Kelly Brogan’s website: