Show Notes

It’s time for a bit of a catch up!


Fouad has spent the past week with Jo’s family in Far North Queensland, to begin their next project, and to get a bit of an insight into Jo’s crazy life! Join Jo and Fouad for a friendly chat at Jo’s kitchen table, and hear all the latest news…


Find out about:


– Jo’s Quirky Cooking for Gut Health program – what does it include, what does Fouad think of it (a bit of a review), when will it be ready, who will benefit from it?


– Jo and Fouad’s upcoming cookbook of Paleo and Wholefood Recipes – new title, new ideas, new cover – an exciting project for Quirky Cooking!


– The Mindd Forum “Food is Medicine” seminar, which Fouad, Jo, and Jo’s son Isaac (14) will be speaking and cooking at, May 2022


– Jo’s life in Far North Queensland – a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse (see lots of photos here)


– Helping each other out with healthy hospital meals: “Quirky Healthy Hampers


– Fouad’s big news: why he quit his ‘real’ job as a software engineer; the beginning of his new focus on health, cooking, writing and getting closer to nature; and his two big goals for the year!


– How being in nature helps with healing and reducing stress


– Natural spring water and the difference it makes to drink ‘wild’ water whenever possible (ReWild yourself by Daniel Vitalis); plus recommendations for good water filters for the home


– A bit about our supportive Quirky community – the Quirky Cooking Chat Group!


– Recipes we’re working on for the new cookbook, which we can’t wait to share!


If you have any questions about today’s podcast, or have some recipes you’d like to suggest for our book, please feel free to ask in the Chat Group!