Show Notes

When Jo’s blog, Quirky Cooking, turned 7 years old at the end of 2015, Jo had a special giveaway to celebrate! The winner would receive a recipe designed just for them, to be shared on the blog. And since everyone has a story, Jo and Fouad decided to also interview the winner on the podcast, to share their story and to talk about the kinds of foods they eat, and discuss together some recipe ideas.


The winner of the giveaway was Melissa Furmedge, and on this episode, Melissa shares with us her family’s story, and what kinds of foods they love. They discuss:

– Struggling with behavioural and health issues in kids

– Having one twin with autism, and one without
– Melt downs, eye contact, and coping with crowds

– The Failsafe Diet, and how it helped

– Being gluten, dairy, corn and soy free

– Reactions to salicylates

– Sugar highs, carb addiction

– Eating to reduce ASD symptoms

– The trepidation parents feel when needing to change kids’ diets

– Their favourite foods, and how to make allergy friendly versions

– And lots more food and recipe talk!


Jo will be sharing the recipe she developed for Melissa on her blog: Crunchy Grain Free Buffalo Wings and a special dessert. So stay tuned!

(As well as links to other low carb/low sugar/gluten/dairy/corn/soy free recipes, and some tips for GF wrap options.)