Show Notes

Let’s kick off the start of a new year with a Q&A!


In this episode, Jo is joined by her new co-host, Fouad Kassab, and her friend Rachel Favilla (author of Real Soup for the Real Soul, and soon to be podcaster for a healthy teens show), to answer questions posted by readers in the Quirky Cooking Chat Group. They talk about:


– What oils are the best for frying?

– What veggies are important to have organic?

– Are dehydrated bone broths ok if you’re time poor?

– Is it possible to do the GAPS diet if you are fructose intolerant?

– How can I meal plan in a way that really works, so I’m not making dinner at 9pm and buying lunch everyday?

– How can I gain healthy muscle mass on Paleo/GAPS?

– What are some tips for helping little people gain weight?

– Is there a Thermomix version of any Paleo cookbooks coming out soon?

– How much butter does Fouad eat each week?

… and more!


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