Show Notes

Christmas is nearly here, and all around the world, stress levels are rising… So Jo and Fouad are coming to the rescue with tips and recipes to help reduce the Christmas overwhelm, and make this your happiest, healthiest Christmas ever!

‘A healthy Christmas’ isn’t just about the food – it’s also about keeping stress levels low, not getting caught up in the ‘spend heaps of money’ holiday hype, and simply enjoying this special time with family and friends.

This fun episode is full of great ideas, and answers readers’ questions like:

What can I cook that will cater for the special diets in our family and still be enjoyed by all?

What are some delicious and simple GAPS and Paleo dishes for Christmas dinner?

What’s the best way to handle family and friends who don’t like us eating differently to them, and give us a hard time?

What can I make ahead and freeze, so I’m not overwhelmed on Christmas day?

How do I deal with food reactions if I eat something that doesn’t agree with me?

What are some ways to keep Christmas simple, enjoyable, and stress free?

How can I practice gratefulness and contentment at this time of year?