Show Notes

  • How can you tell if you or your children have parasites?
  • What has gut health got to do with parasite infestation?
  • How do you get rid of them? Is it as simple as just taking antibiotics, or is there more to it?
  • Is there a more natural, gentle way to kill off parasites?
  • Will they come back once you do get rid of them?
  • How can you heal the gut if you did have antibiotic treatment to rid yourself of parasites?

In this episode, Mary Kelly of Good Mood Food goes into detail about her family’s experience with parasites. After 18 months on GAPS, they felt like they’d ‘hit a brick wall’, and some symptoms just weren’t going away. After some research and testing they realised they all had parasites. Mary explains that parasites multiply in the gut for good reason – and to get rid of them you have to deal with the root cause.

Learn the answers to the above questions, and find out what gut health has to do with parasites. For more information, see Mary’s blog article, Parasites, The Hidden Menace;¬†as well as her Natural Parasite Treatment Plan.