Show Notes

Heidi ate mostly wholefoods, cooked with real ingredients, didn’t eat sugar, and lived for years as a strict vegetarian. But she was struggling. Her health was not good, and she was suffering from major depression. She began to study naturopathy to try to find answers, removed all packet foods from her diet, and researched the role of proteins and fats in the body.

Diet changes resulted in a big improvement in Heidi’s health and well-being, so she began a health retreat in Bali with a team of health professionals, promoting a wholefoods diet. But she felt there was still something missing. She was struggling with exhaustion and didn’t feel 100% healthy.
When Heidi’s daughter, Winter, was born, she caught an infection in the hospital, and was given five different strains of antibiotics in her first ten day of life. Heidi knew there would be a backlash from that treatment, but had no idea what it would be.
Winter began having food reactions, didn’t walk until almost two, seemed to live in a bubble, had no eye contact, couldn’t be toilet trained, and her speech was slurred. After much testing, they found she was riddled with pathogenic bacteria and had the MTHFR gene mutation, meaning she couldn’t absorb folate and was highly toxic. Heidi got her hands on the GAPS book, and the lightbulb went on.
Listen in to the interview to see how the GAPS diet turned this little girl’s life around, and gave her ‘health professional’ mum new insights into food and healing, and the link between gut and brain.
Heidi shares her knowledge and experience of healing foods at her health retreats. Find out more about her “Alive Wellness Retreat” in Bali, here:
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