Show Notes

Sometimes it’s difficult to work out how to eat well and stay at a healthy weight, without being confused by all the ‘diet’ advice out there. Is it all about counting calories, cutting out fat, and exercising heaps? Brenda and Naomi of The Break Through! Program say no!


Healthy weight loss is much more about healing than ‘dieting’. Some important factors are:

– detoxing the body

– getting rid of ‘trigger foods’

– giving the gut a chance to heal

– getting into the right mindset and reducing stress

– breaking the cycle of emotional eating

– balancing hormones

– eating healthy fats

… and there are many more things to consider.


It may seem like it’s all way too complicated, but Brenda and Naomi are very experienced at helping women to navigate the weight loss minefield. Brenda is a certified health coach, and Naomi is a naturopath, and together they have put together a fabulous program to help women uncover the reasons their bodies may be resisting weight loss and work out a plan to work on positive, thriving health.


You can check out The Breakthrough! Program here!


Visit Brenda’s and Naomi’s websites here:

Brenda Janschek, Certified Health Coach

Naomi Judge, Naturopath