Show Notes

This week Mary from Good Mood Food joins Jo again, to discuss working through anxiety and depression with the help of a healing diet.


If you, or someone close to you, has struggled with depression, you know how debilitating it can be, and how hard it is to pull yourself out of the vicious cycle of eating badly, which only makes things worse.


How do you even begin to get back on track with healthy eating when you feel completely overwhelmed by everyday life? And does it even help to change the way you eat, anyway? What else can you do to help yourself to heal?


Mary talks about the importance of just putting one foot in front of another each day, doing what you can, but not putting yourself under the pressure of a time limit for changing your diet or getting off medication or feeling well again. It takes time, but there is definitely hope, and if you have hope, you have everything.


Mary has been through deep depression herself, due to her son’s illness, post-natal depletion, and her damaged digestive system, and is passionate about helping others through this dark time. She shares five key areas to work on that will make a very big difference to your health and well-being, and recommends taking it one step at a time, as you feel ready. Mary also explains the importance of adding good things in that contribute to healing, before trying to take the bad things out.


This is a very encouraging and hopeful podcast, showing how healing the gut can totally turn around the way you feel both mentally and physically.