Show Notes

What do you do when your kids are having constant meltdowns and nothing is going right? How can you help them to cope better, and turn a bad day into a good day? How can parents press the ‘reset’ button on one of those days?

Nicole Azzopardi has some great tips for how to have a good day! She came up with a “Better Day Plan” with the help of her children, and as simple as it sounds, there are good reasons behind each idea, and they really work!


This is a very practical podcast which will be a big help to parents of GAPS kids, or kids with anxiety or stress issues. Working on gut health makes a big difference for these kids, but for those first few months when the gut is still healing, you will also need other wats to help your child cope with the everyday stresses of life.


Jo and Nicole also discuss:

  •  dealing with constipation problems in kids
  •  tantrums and mood swings
  •  how important ‘the village’ is when raising children
  •  and how to look after yourself when everything is a bit crazy – caring for the carer!

You can read about Nicole’s “Better Day Plan” here:

And follow Nicole on Facebook at MummaCare!