Show Notes

This podcast is especially for those of you with GAPS questions that you need answered by a health professional, who has studied GAPS as well as other methods of healing. Shalani McCray, naturopathic nutritionist, medical herbalist and GAPS practitioner, joins Jo this week to answer your questions. Learn more about:

  • how to decide if GAPS is right for you
  • should testing be done before starting GAPS
  • how to do GAPS when you have histamine reactions
  • when slow-cooked broths are not good for you
  • how to add healing broths and fermented foods to a sensitive person’s diet
  • why raw cacao may not be a good idea
  • coping with the amount of time it takes to cook from scratch
  • when to push through a die-off reaction, and how to know if it’s an intolerance or die-off
  • the best probiotics to use, and how much and when to take them
  • how much you can ‘cheat’ on GAPS before it affects healing
  • are there benefits if you start doing full GAPS without doing the intro
  • how to fill kids up on GAPS food
  • is this way of eating just too much meat
  • can you do GAPS if you’re vegetarian
  • how to cope with eating out
  • will GAPS make me lose weight/gain weight
  • what you can do if GAPS didn’t work for you and more.


Shalani shares that there is no magic formula, everyone is different, and each person needs to work out the healing diet that suits their body. GAPS may need to be done a little differently for different people, so if in doubt or needing help, please get in touch with an experienced GAPS practitioner.

Jo has invited Shalani to come back for another podcast as there are still more questions from readers that they didn’t have time to answer, so stay tuned for part two. If you’d like to send in some questions, please contact Jo via her blog or Facebook page, and they will be added to the list!

Visit Shalani’s Website here, Live Alive, as well as her Facebook page and Instagram. Shalani is based in Sydney, but is also available for Skype appointments.