Show Notes

This week’s story is absolutely fascinating – an amazing story of hope and healing, with Mary Kelly of ‘Good Mood Food’.

Anaphylactic to wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, and sesame seeds, and allergic to just about everything else except white rice and corn, life was difficult for little Daniel. He survived on a hypoallergenic formula, but was not thriving at all – always sick, coughing, vomitting, underweight, and reacting to so many things in his environment. His mother, Mary, was so traumatised and exhausted by her son’s condition, that she suffered from debilitating depression. A visit to the allergist was followed by her spending days in bed trying to cope with the stress of the situation.

After much research, and grasping at the only hope that seemed left to her, Mary decided to try a very slow and careful version of the GAPS diet, to see if that could help their son. One drop at a time, they added broth to his formula… and the healing began.

Now, 2 years later, they have a different child. He’s no longer is allergic to everything – only tree nuts are left on his list of reactive foods, and it’s no longer an anaphylactic allergy. He’s a happy, healthy little boy, mum’s depression is gone, and the whole family have seen major changes in their health through this healing diet.

It sounds too good to be true, but listen in as this mum explains her years of researching ‘white papers’ and working out the best way to help her son and the reasons behind her decision to try GAPS – and the difference it has made in their lives.

Mary shares her story and her research, as well as her family’s favourite recipes, on her website, Good Mood Food.

Follow her inspiring posts on Facebook, and if you need some one-on-one coaching from someone who knows the science behind GAPS, and how to begin GAPS when your child can’t eat ‘anything’, contact Mary here.