Show Notes

Essential oils can be a powerful tool in your ‘health and healing’ toolbox! They are more than just a lovely way to keep your house smelling nice – they can be used for first aid, for relaxation and reducing stress, for natural medicines and for non toxic cleaning products and pest deterrents.

In this episode, Samantha Bulloch of The Alchemist’s Tree, naturopath and aromatherapist, joins us to explain the basics of essential oils.

  •  why she began using essential oils, and how she went about studying them
  •  how essential oils are made
  •  how they differ to herbal medicines and flower essences
  •  how to use them safely and effectively
  •  her favourite oils and how she uses them
  •  basics to have on hand
  •  where you can study aromatherapy or do short courses to help you use them in your own home

Jo and Sam also discuss where to buy good quality, pure essential oils from, but agree that this is very much a personal choice and there are many great brands out there to choose from.

Next week Sam will share some practical tips and answer specific questions asked by Jo’s readers, so stay tuned for part 2!

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