Show Notes

Did you know that if you’ve given birth within the last decade, you may be still suffering some consequences, such as lethargy, anxiety, memory disturbances, ‘baby brain’, and poor energy levels? It’s not just because life gets busy when a new baby comes along, but also because the process of growing a baby exacts a significant toll on the body.

Dr Oscar Serrallach is a GP in Mullumbimby who has done training in Nutritional and Environmental Health and has a special interest in post natal repletion (helping mothers recover from the biopyschosocial ordeal of having kids).

In our society, many mothers are already nutritionally and physically depleted before conception and pregnancy, and this can escalate after the birth, to the stage where mums are ‘running on empty’.

How do you know if you are suffering from postnatal depletion, and what tests should be done to show what to work on?

What are some simple steps to follow before and after having a child to make sure your body doesn’t become run down and nutritionally depleted?

How does gut health impact on postnatal depletion?

What is the peak time for postnatal depression, and do mums who have depletion commonly end up with depression?

How important is a support network for new mums?


Answers to these questions and more! This is a fascinating podcast which really highlights the importance of caring for our new mums.

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