Show Notes

This week’s episode is all about fermented foods! Katrina Kehoe of Kehoe’s Kitchen joins Jo to share her story of the past four years – from GAPS to a paleo diet, with a focus on using fermented foods as natural probiotics to help with the healing process. Find the answers to the following questions, and more!


How can fermented foods help in the gut-healing process? And what do you do if you really just don’t have the time (or the patience) to make your own? Are the fermented veggies you can buy at the grocery store any good? Where can you buy traditionally prepared sauerkraut, and what are the benefits? What is ‘wild fermentation’? Does it make a difference if the vegetables used are organic or not? How should you begin if you haven’t really eaten fermented veggies much before, or are just beginning GAPS? What do you do if you are low FODMAPS – are there some options for you? What if you have issues with histamines? Which ferments go best with which foods?


Katrina also has plenty of helpful information, recipe ideas, tips for getting started with GAPS, and answers to the most common GAPS questions on her website and Facebook page, so check out the links below!

Katrina’s story in more detail

Where to buy Kehoe’s Kitchen’sĀ Organic Raw Artisan Sauerkrauts, Kim Chi, Sauerkraut Juices, Cultured Paleo Tasty Cheese, Cashew Yogurts, Coconut Yoghurts and Raw Activated Paleo Bars: Find a stockist in your area