Show Notes

On today’s podcast, Jo has a very special co-host, her 14 yr old son Isaac. Jo’s family started GAPS (the Gut and Psychology Syndrome protocol) because Isaac was suffering with severe OCD. A year ago Isaac was barely able to function – now he’s doing amazingly well and loves to share what he’s been learning.

Jo and Isaac discuss simple ways to start implementing these gut healing principles into your everyday cooking, without stressing out the family; and how to take some baby steps to get started. Not everyone can jump right in and do strict GAPS, but there are some basic things you can do to begin healing, adding in other steps when you can.

They also answer readers questions like:

– how GAPS has changed Isaac’s life socially

– how to help kids not feel like they’re ‘missing out’ when around friends eating differently

– tips for kid’s snacks

– how to manage GAPS with toddlers

– do people lose weight on GAPS

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have a listen to these simple ideas and tips from a teenager on GAPS!

Useful links:

Good quality gelatine: GoBio or Great Lakes gelatine (available at health food shops)