Show Notes

Five years ago, Marlies Hobbs was a busy lawyer with no time to be worrying about the food she was eating. She thought she ate pretty well, and she was excercising, so if she was a little bit overweight, exhausted, bothered by skin problems and not really feeling great, that was just a part of normal life, right? Then her first son came along and shocked Marlies, and her husband Jai, into realising how important food and lifestyle really are for health. Their baby was highly allergic to dairy, and many times Marlies thought she had lost him. Jai began researching the paleo lifestyle and diet, and together they began a journey that has taken this family above and beyond what they thought was possible.


Listen in to Marlies’ fascinating story of the healing power of food, and how eating natural, nutrient dense foods and living a lifestyle closer to nature has changed their lives. Out of it has also come a successful family business with cafes popping up all around Australia, and many other people being helped to change their health for the better.


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