Show Notes

Jo has recently been travelling in the UK with her Quirky Cooking classes, and while there she did a radio interview on Marlow FM’s “The Health Show”.  Jo chats with Ann Garry and Jenny Tschieche (nutritionists) about:

– her family’s food journey and how they got to where they are now

– why they began GAPS

– the link between depression, anxiety, OCD, and gut health

– the differences GAPS has made in Jo’s family

– how Jo copes with such a busy schedule while cooking everything from scratch

– ideas for quick meals, easy nutritious breakfasts, and time saving tips

– coping with special diets while travelling

– getting the kids involved

and more!

If you are new to “A Quirky Journey”, this is a great place to jump in, as Jo summarises her family’s food journey in this information-packed interview. It’s lots of fun and there’s plenty to inspire you, so listen in and enjoy!

Useful links:

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