Show Notes

We live in a toxic world, and most of us are suffering from some kind of toxic overload in our bodies. How can we eat and live in a way that reduces the toxins in our environment and bodies? What differences will it make if we can only make a few small changes? How do we even begin?

Alexx Stuart is an expert at helping people to de-tox their homes and food, and her simple, practical approach to low-tox living is a breath of fresh air to overwhelmed mums all over the world. Not to mention, she has amazing recipes on her blog!

Listen in as Leah and Jo pick Alexx’s brains and learn some tips for things you can do today to begin getting toxins out of your lives. We also talk about GMO foods, organic farming, knowing where your food comes from, getting back to real foods, simplifying your food and life, avoiding food waste, and much more.

Alexx has a great ecourse to help with detoxing your life – find out more about it here on her website.

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