Show Notes

It can be very daunting when starting out to change your diet, as suddenly your food bill may go through the roof. How can this be avoided? Is it possible to eat healthy, organic or pesticide free (or at least low chemical) foods, without blowing the budget? We believe it is! The secret is in buying in bulk, as much as possible, and making the most of what is local and in season.

This week Jo and Leah are discussing how they buy in bulk through co-ops to save money, and to find hard to source ingredients. They are joined by Jo’s friend Sarah, who is moving out west to a station and needs to be able to order in bulk and have goods sent to her. Jo and Leah answer Sarah’s questions, as well as others on their Facebook pages, such as:

– what is a co-op and how do I find one?

– what do you buy through co-ops?

– is it only for dry goods?

– what’s the difference between a co-op and a CSA?

– how do you store your bulk foods?

– what if you can’t find a co-op to join, how do you start one?

– what if I just want to buy in bulk on my own, not through a co-op?

…and lots more.

Listen in and learn how you can start cutting down on your grocery bill, while eating healthier!

Useful links:

Bulk buying: an explanation on Jo’s blog of co-ops, bulk buying, and how to begin your own co-op. Also see Where to Order From, Pantry List, and Storage of Your Bulk Orders

– Find a co-op near you: check Leah’s page, Jo’s FB page, and if you’re in Jo’s ‘Quirky Cooking Chat Group’ you can find co-ops in the “Quirky Resources” Albums in the Photos tab (and add your favourites).