Show Notes

This week Jo and Leah empty their kitchen cupboards and chat about :

  • What they mean by a real food kitchen, and the importance of going back to homemade foods
  • Kitchen tools they have invested, in both good and the misguided, and what they recommend as alternatives
  • Their top five tools that they can’t live without

Jo and Leah share their thoughts on best options for cookware, comparing aluminium, non-stick, ceramic, cast iron pans, and even the baking paper they choose to use and why.

At the end of the day, the main thing is to be in the kitchen preparing nourishing meals… but could you be undoing a lot of your hard work because of the types of cookware that you are using? Could your cookware be the source of heavy metal toxicity or adding to the chemical load of your family?

Join us for an informative little session on the making your kitchen as healthy (and functional!) as possible.