Show Notes

Broth Broth. Has the world gone mad for the stuff? What’s so good about it?
This week on A Quirky Journey we share the art of preparing bone broth – also known as stock – and how it can help with both healing the gut, and adding deliciousness to your meals!
We discuss the history of broth making, the benefits of making it a kitchen staple, and the many ways of preparing this natural super food.
What we will share:
– Why all diets benefit from broths of some sort, and even how to make a vege version suitable for vegans
– Why broths are so important in a GAPS diet or any other gut healing protocols
– What medicinal properties are in broths
– What other benefits there are besides gut health
– What bones to use and where you can get them
– Simple ways to make broth for busy people
– How to get your family used to broths
– How to use them and how much is recommended per day
We know that after this episode you will feel confident in preparing this nutritionally dense and vitally important food.
Useful links:
Jo’s broth recipes: Bone Broths (Liquid Stocks)Leah’s broth recipes: Bone Broth
Jo and Leah’s broth making video: Making Beef Bone Broth
Dehydrated bone broths, for travelling or when you’ve run out! Broth of Life