Show Notes

What do you do when your newborn baby screams constantly in pain?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if your child was diagnosed with severe allergies?

What kind of approach do you take to help and heal this baby?

In this episode of ‘A Quirky Journey’ we speak with the brilliantly driven Joanne Hall, aka Leah’s best mate, Jersey.

She shares with us the story of her baby, Casey, and his struggles with Autism, reflux, chemical sensitivities, food allergies/intolerances, skin conditions and general gut issues, sharing their struggles from newborn to young boy at school, and how they learnt to deal with these issues in their everyday life.

Jersey shares openly and practically about her journey and how it felt to have to take another road rather than the mainstream medical options available to her. Her intuition got her through the hard times and led her to making the right choices for her family.

If you know a family with similar problems, then listen in to how one mother has been healing her baby with natural therapies, and where he is now.

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