Show Notes

This week we have a very special guest – Jo’s son, Isaac, who is the main reason her family began GAPS. Isaac is 13 years old, and very eager to share his experiences with changing his diet and how it has helped him to heal and recover from severe OCD.

Just six months ago, Isaac was so sick that he couldn’t feed himself, dress himself, or cope with everyday life. His fears, phobias and anxiety had totally crippled him. His family were also struggling to cope, and this led to many changes in the household, including the change of diet to a gut-healing diet, in an effort to clear the fog in Isaac’s brain and make it easier for him to cope.

Listen to Isaac’s story as he tells how grateful he is that his mum made the decision to try GAPS, and what successes and struggles he’s had along the way. He also describes how GAPS has helped the rest of his family, and how his friends have helped and encouraged him through this difficult time.

Isaac hopes that through his experiences, other kids will be willing to try GAPS if they need to, knowing it really does help and is totally worth the initial ‘pain’ of letting go of the foods you love.