Show Notes

Do you suffer IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, or Crohn’s Disease? Do you struggle with absorbing nutrients, and suffering from low energy levels, even though you eat well?

Have you ever been in a situation that requires urgent medical intervention and you know the decisions you make now will affect your entire life?

What would you do if your body was failing you and you had a newborn baby to support, on your own?

If any of these things sound familiar to you, then this podcast may very well change your life. It will most certainly change your perspectives on the current treatments available for people with gut issues.

Talisha Kendall faced these problems as a young, single mum, and her inspirational story of her journey back to good health will amaze you. Talisha shares her journey from successful model travelling the world, to a very sick young mum, separated from her baby and told her intestines needed to be removed if she was to survive, and how her life was completely changed through the decisions she made.

Talisha is the designer of Little Mashies Reusable Squeezie Pouches, and you can contact her through her website: