Show Notes

This episode begins with Jo sharing where she is at with her and her family’s health and GAPS journey, the ups and downs, and the importance of marking time while waiting for the gut to heal.

The discussion then turns to fats, and Jo and Leah are joined by a return special guest, Mark Follett. Mark explains how to identify healthy fats and the not so healthy ones, and how to incorporate fats into your diet. He also talks about how to get your body fat adapted, which means your body is able to use fats as an energy source. We discuss what this means for everyday people and sports people alike, what the benefits are for the family, for athletes, and for those in the workplace.

The insights that Mark offers are part of his own personal experiences and he makes reference both to research on the subject, and also to how it feels, and the practical, everyday benefits

If you are still confused about where fats fit into our diet, this episode will impart some knowledge and direction for personal research. Below are links to information that is discussed during this podcast:

-Dr Stephen Phinney and Co:

– Tim Noakes:

– Bitters: