August 14, 2017

BMR 8: Exploring The Perfect Diet – with Sally Fallon Morell

Dr Weston Price was a pioneer in the world of nutrition and longevity as he travelled the world researching isolated healthy communities. He discovered the key to longevity and health is related to the food that was consumed and when ‘western foods’ were introduced quite the opposite was observed.

In this episode I talk with, author, presenter and the president of the Weston A Price Foundation Sally Fallon Morell about Dr Price’s findings, healthy traditional diets, the modern diet and how to bridge the gap. We explore the science of fat, grains and the most nourishing foods you can consume.

Show breakdown:

  • Dr Price’s pioneering research
  • What did the healthiest populations in the world eat?
  • Physical degeneration of healthy populations
  • Pottinger’s Cats study
  • Infertility and restoration
  • Overweight = undernourished
  • Truth behind raw milk
  • Using the whole animal
  • Preparing grains and activating nutrients
  • How much fat did these healthy populations actually eat?
  • Preparation for child birth
  • Raising a healthy child
  • Big fat lies – what we are lead to believe
  • What to absolutely avoid for children
  • What you need to include in your child’s diet
  • How margarine is actually made (you will never go near it again!)
  • Types of fats and the effect they have on our body
  • Omega 3:6 ratio
  • Vitamin A:D ratio
  • Will fat make me fat?
  • Bridging the gap between the norms and the ideals
  • High protein low fat is dangerous!
  • A smart bodybuilders diet!
  • Sally’s wisdom for the world!


Weston A Price Foundation:

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