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Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny – With Dr Cameron McDonald

Episode 15
20, Nov, 2017
}63 Minutes

Show Notes

Many of us are aware that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ when it comes to nutrition and exercise. But how does this differ for everyone and what about the location of residents, social environment, sleep cycles, parenting, education, and even what job roles you are suited to? Yes, this is all coded in your genetics and you can find out all of the above and take steps to ensure you are operating in line with your genetics.

In this episode, I talk with Dr Cam McDonald about epigenetics and how you may switch on and off genes that allow you to become your best version of yourself! We discuss how you can activate genes that will allow you to function at your best in your life both mentally and physically. What food, movement and cognitive intensity is right for you as well as when to eat, move and create for your genetics. We discuss the future of wellness and that is the PH360 system, the science behind it and why you will want to get onto this ASAP!

Show Breakdown:

  • Dr Cam’s story – that led to specialising in epigenetics and individual nutritional and lifestyle prescription.
  • What is ‘Epigenetics’?
  • No, our DNA never changes! But your expression does.
  • What switches ‘on’ and ‘off’ genes?
  • Twins studies – how we respond to the environment.
  • How the size of your jaw, thickness of your neck or colour of your eyes tell a story about your genes and hormones.
  • The PH360 system and all of the sciences incorporated into it.
  • How to get the best out of your genes.
  • Embryology – the basis of who you are.
  • Ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.
  • One man’s medicine is another man’s poison (No kale is NOT good for everyone).
  • Ph360’s vision.
  • How we may best learn – for me its during movement!
  • How to construct your life to make you as happy and healthy as you can be.
  • Listeners questions.
  • Spit test vs ph360
  • Training that doesn’t correlate with your biotype.
  • Cancer genes, how to avoid activating hereditary genes.
  • Absolute do’s and don’ts for everyone!
  • Dr Cam’s wisdom for the world!

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