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AQJ 76: Eczema – Causes & Treatment, with Liezel Barnard ND

Episode 76
04, Aug, 2017
}90 Minutes

Show Notes

For many, eczema is the earliest sign of poor health. What are the causes of eczema and how do you treat it? Do antibiotics and steroid creams offer a cure? Is it enough to improve your diet, or can creams and lotions also help? In today’s podcast, we interview Liezel Barnard, trainer and naturopath at Weleda Australia. Liezel gives great insight about the genetic and environmental causes of eczema, and a good strategy to get over inflammation and keep the skin from experiencing flare-ups.

Find out more about Weleda’s natural skin care tips and products for eczema here: http://www.weleda.com.au/sensitive-and-eczema-prone-skin-care-tips/

Use the code QUIRKYJOURNEY when ordering from Weleda Australia to recieve 10% off your order. (Orders over $90 will also receive free shipping.)

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