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AQJ 17: Catching Up on the News and a GAPS Easter

Episode 17
03, Apr, 2015
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Show Notes

It’s Easter time! So of course, Jo and Leah talk about chocolate, healthy Easter treats, non-chocolate Easter gifts,  and Easter menus. But first, they discuss what’s been happening in the world of ‘GAPS’ and ‘Paleo’ – Pete Evan’s recent Paleo Way tour, how they are going with following a GAPS diet, and all about the MINDD foundation and the upcoming MINDD forum.

Catch up on all the news, and be inspired for a healthier Easter!

Useful Links:

The Mindd Foundation 

Pete Evan’s Paleo Way Tour

Nourished Kitchen 

GAPS Facebook Page

The Healthy Home Economist 


Easter Recipes

Leah’s Raw Chocolate (unsweetened)

Jo’s Raw Chocolate (sweetened)

Jo’s Salted Caramel Chocolate

3 Ingredient DIY Easter Eggs

Leah’s Homemade Marshmallows (GAPS friendly)

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