Show Notes

Do you get stomach or digestive concerns from eating grains? Do you notice feeling, bloated, fatigued, or experience headaches after consuming food containing gluten? Today we discuss the reason why so many people are choosing a gluten-free diet, the connections between gluten and autoimmune diseases, and some of the female-specific symptoms of gluten intolerance.

Did you know infertility and hormonal disruptions can be associated with undiagnosed gluten sensitivity? You may just be one of the many women who have non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). Find out more about gluten and get a better understanding of the inflammatory effects of gluten. The Wellness Women will also discuss why you may be fooled into thinking gluten-free foods are better for you, and how to avoid the common mistakes when first choosing to “go gluten-free”.

If you’ve wondered why there’s so much hype around gluten, then this episode will answer your questions!

** Just a quick clarification – we mention saponins in relation to pseudo-grains such as quinoa, and would like to better define this. Please read for more info: “Questionable Quinoa: Perfect Plant Protein or Poison?”


Coeliac Australia Resources

The book “Gluten Freedom” by Dr Alessio Fasano

Research outlining risks associated with protein pump inhibitor medications for GERD, reflux and heartburn:

Research that indicates gluten exposure triggers a 70% increase in intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome), and spikes inflammation in the body for as long as six months.