Show Notes

The functions of the female body have always been shroud in mysteries, and often myths and misconceptions. As our understanding of our own anatomy and physiology evolves we still have such big questions such as why do women go through menopause? Why do we have periods unlike other mammals? What’s the function of the female orgasm? Why are we in the midst of a fertility crisis? On this episode of Wellness Women Radio we answer these questions with Evolutionary Biologist, author and teacher, Dr Deena Emera PhD.

Deena earned a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley, a master’s degree from NYU, and a PhD from Yale. She currently serves as a scientist and writer-in-residence at the Buck Institute’s Center for Reproductive Longevity and Equality. Some of her past work has included investigating the role of gene regulatory innovation during placental and brain evolution in mammals. Her current work is focused on the genetic basis of reproductive longevity in mammals. In her new book A Brief History of the Female Body, Deena draws on her expertise as a biologist and experience as a mother of four to explore the mysteries of the female body through an evolutionary lens.

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