Show Notes

Are you struggling to conceive? Dive into this compelling episode where Dr Andrea sits down with fertility expert Aimee Raups. Together, they explored the misunderstood realm of fertility, from where we are going wrong when trying to conceive, the current state of fertility that we are in, to the role of nutrition and eating for egg quality, and so much more! Tune into this episode of Wellness Women Radio to unpack all of the ways to support your fertility journey.

Aimee is a celebrity acupuncturist in NYC, a former research scientist, a fertility expert, a mom and author of four books that have helped thousands of women heal from autoimmunity and improve their fertility. Her recent book: The Egg Quality Diet explores the role that the science of epigenetics plays on our fertility and gives practical, evidence-based guidance on how we can best support our genetics through the food we eat to heal our bodies and improve our fertility.

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