Show Notes

When our relationships are not working it can feel as though our entire lives are not working! Joining us on Wellness Women Radio this week is Relationship Psychotherapist – Lissy Abrahams. Lissy is a vibrant, incredible woman who helps us to answer some of our burning relationship questions like “why do we fight most with the ones we love best”? Join us for this fascinating insight into the world of relationships! We’re sure you’ll have as many aha moments as Dr Andrea & Dr Ashleigh as we unpack why couples fight, attachment styles, childhood exposures and programming and how that shows up for us in our adult relationships as well as much more!

Lissy is a Sydney-based couples therapist, practising at the Heath Group Practice and is the author of non-fiction book “Relationship Reset” and recently launched online course Fight Less Love More. You can find Lissy at and @lissy.abrahams.

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