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UC 371: Flashback Chat – Live Your Passion with Sean Croxton

Episode 371
28, Jan, 2020
}66 Minutes

Show Notes

As the Chatters take a Summer break, we’re throwing back to six of our most popular and powerful episodes. This week’s episode is …

What a coo for the Chatters they managed to interview the extraordinary interviewer – Sean Croxton.  Sean began his life as an interviewer with his podcast Underground Wellness, he reached the peak of his career in that space and then walked away from the health realm to move into self help and personal development.  His change was that he understand that there were many modalities to healing, but he noticed that those that healed had a lot to do with their mind and positivity.  He followed his passion and has managed to secure himself as the most informed interviewer about his guest.  He also has interviewed the best in the self help space.  In this interview Sean tells The Chatters about a year of learning and what he learnt about an industry and about himself. 

To learn more about The Sessions and Quote of the Day go to www.seancroxton.com

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