Show Notes

Could it be that the way we sit at our desk can deprive us of oxygen and nutrients?

You bet!

On this episode we go hard on our sitting posture, especially as it relates to computers and phone use.

Some key points we discuss –

In poor posture at the desk or when seated, your eyes fatigue faster … your chin is down and you’re breathing poorly. When your chin is up  you breathe better.

People snack at the computer because their brain needs fuel. Improve your posture instead of eating!

When your neck is forward … the accessory muscles of inspiration don’t get to function optimally.

Start with your seat … you want knees to be at right angles …

Your head weighs somewhere between 6 and 8 kg. Your cervical spine should stack up so that the discs provide some kind of cushioning and the joint at the back of the bone picks up the bulk of the load. The load should go through the spine and the facet joint. This would allow a curve in the neck (desireable). That curve allows the spinal cord to run freely and free of interference.

Forward head posture puts the weight into the discs of the spine … that creates an uncertainty for the brain. The brain no longer trusts the joint … and now we create an environment for stiff neck, arthritis, etc. The brain just wants to create stability so that it can protect the spinal cord.

For every 21mm forward, your head weighs an extra 8kg. It almost doubles.


We planned it in 2020, and now four years later it’s BACK! We are going to Ikaria for the 5th time and Sardinia for the FIRST! Ikaria in August, and Sardinia just after in early September. Come to one or both. All the details are here.