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UC 357: Meditating with The Muse with Ariel Garten

Episode 357
22, Oct, 2019
}71 Minutes

Show Notes

The Chatters interview Ariel Garten, a neuroscientist, psychotherapist, innovator, and brain-tech expert who co-founded InteraXon, the creators of the award-winning brain-sensing technology called Muse. Ariel’s driving purpose is to empower and help others overcome mental obstacles in order to live healthy, happy lives and reach their maximum potential.

Muse is a wearable technology that trains, assists, and deepens meditation and mindfulness. It reads the wearers brain activity (the same way as an EEG) and gives real-time feedback or as Vogue put it… “It literally senses your mental state, and functions accordingly with sounds that will ensure you don’t steer away from your calm state.”

Muse technology is currently being used by 200+ research institutions and hospitals around the world, such as Harvard, The Mayo Clinic, MIT and NASA. Ariel talks about a few of these projects with the chatters. As a result of these studies, 175 research papers have been published. The Mayo Clinic has been using Muse on breast cancer patients awaiting surgery to study the effects meditation has on their treatment and recovery.

Ariel and Muse have been featured in over 1000 media pieces and TV spots, including CNN, CBS, Forbes, Fortune, People, Vogue, WSJ, O Magazine, Tim Ferriss, Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, Business Insider, Men’s Health and more!

Ariel has done numerous TED Talks with her Ted Talk “Redefining Consciousness” has over 400,000 views and her podcast Untangle has over 1.7million downloads. She has also been a keynote speaker at conferences, universities and companies worldwide, such as the World Economic Forum, MIT, Le Web and more.

The chatters asked the questions about 5G, wifi and bluetooth to make sure that The Muse was something that would use. A very interesting conversation with an exceptional woman.

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