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UC 354: Should I Take That Medication Or Have That Procedure? with Lisa Byrne and Jane London from NPS Medicinewise

Episode 354
01, Oct, 2019
}56 Minutes

Show Notes

One of Cyndi’s students from the The Nutrition Academy, – Lisa Byrne, stops Cyndi at the annual Nutrition Summit to let her know that not only does she love the course but that she works for a organization, who is committed to change. The organisation is NPS (National Prescribing Service – MedicineWise an independent, not-for-profit and evidence-based organisation funded by the Australian government.

NPS works across Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region to positively change the attitudes and behaviours which exist around the use of medicines and medical tests, so that consumers and health professionals are equipped to make the best decisions when it counts.

Lisa Byrne and Jane London both from NPS are on the interview. Jane examines and looks under the hood of what is happening in the health care system between clients and the system and the GP’s and how they can help up skill with new science for the benefit of there health of Australians. It’s a fascinating interview with two articulate women who have a passion to help effect change across the board.

Let’s start asking the right questions in order to get the answer that’s appropriate. Here are the questions that the interview finishes with to help both you and your doctor have the best income for all concerned.

Do I really need this test, treatment or procedure?

What are the risks?

Will there be side effects to the test or treatment? What are the chances of getting results that aren’t accurate? Could that lead to more testing, additional treatments or another procedure?
Are there simpler, safer options?

Are there alternative options to treatment that could work. Lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier foods or exercising more, can be safe and effective options.
What happens if I don’t do anything?

Ask if your condition might get worse — or better — if you don’t have the test, treatment or procedure right away.
What are the costs?

Costs can be financial, emotional or a cost of your time. Where there is a cost to the community, is the cost reasonable or is there a cheaper alternative?


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