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UC 339: Blood on the Rosary with Margaret Harrod

Episode 339
18, Jun, 2019
}70 Minutes

Show Notes

Margaret Harrod leads by example. Despite years of abuse, the former nun, who went on to become a much loved teacher, does not view herself as a victim but as an empowered woman who has managed to grasp her life with both hands in order to be able to reach her dreams. Throughout her healing journey, Margaret held fast to her dream of assisting other women. After leaving teaching she became a crisis supporter and advocate at Lifeline. She now focuses on breaking the silence of the scourge that is sexual abuse. To spread a sense of empowerment and inspiratithewellnesscouch.com/?p=25185&previewon to survivors and their loved ones. Margaret has been married to Rod for 32 years and lives in Canberra. They have two grown up children. The Chatters start the conversation with Margaret asking her about why she chose to speak out about abuse by her father, 2 priests and then finding about her twin brother abusing children, the conversation is riveting, this is one the Chatters want passed around and for everyone to read Margaret Harrods book Blood on the Rosary.

ABC podcast Conversations link: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/conversations/conversations-margaret-harrod/10722504

One plus One link; https://www.abc.net.au/news/programs/one-plus-one/2019-02-07/one-plus-one:-margaret-harrod/10791392

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