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UC 338: Beautiful You with Dr Nat Kringoudis

Episode 338
11, Jun, 2019
}61 Minutes

Show Notes

Nat Kringoudis is a doctor of Chinese medicine, Acupuncturist, Author of Beautiful You, Speaker and all-round natural fertility expert. She is the founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic, The Pagoda Tree, creator of Yo’Nuts and producer of HealthTalks TV.

Most people associate fertility with pregnancy with a bun in the oven, but being more ‘fertile’ can actually improve your general health and wellbeing. And even if you’re a long way off wanting that bun in the oven, priming your body now will increase your chances of conceiving in the future. It’s time to take the wonder out of your wonderland.

It’s Dr Nat’s mission to educate and empower women to get clued up on their body and take control of hormone health. Ditch the stress, the confusion and the endless disappointment, and give your temple the love and attention it deserves. Balance your hormones, balance your life.

The Chatters talk about Nat’s new book Beautiful You a book for the teenager and understanding their body and reproductive capacity.

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