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UC 321: What Lurks in Your Tomato and BBQ Sauce?

Episode 321
12, Feb, 2019
}62 Minutes

Show Notes

The Chatters divide themselves and Cyndi is interviewed about her latest study – condiments.  Tomato sauce, mayo, BBQ, sweet chili sauce are slathered on our food and children’s food.  Have you ever thought what lies behind the terms, acidity regulatory, thickeners, binders, flavors, rosemary extract.  Cyndi dives deep into what is written on the label and what is completely missed.  She discusses the agricultural practices of tomatoes and then where the additives come from, how they are made and whether or not they are revealing whether GMO’s have been used.  The chatters finish with what is happening in the world and why in every industry is dishonesty the norm.  

They talk about the movie Heal and the 9 attributes of spontaneous healings;

  1. Radically changing your diet
  2. Taking control of your health
  3. Following your intuition
  4. Using herbs and supplements
  5. Releasing suppressed emotions
  6. Increasing positive emotions
  7. Embracing social support
  8. Deepening your spiritual connection
  9. Have a strong reason for living

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