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UC 316: Breast Implants – Are They Making You Sick

Episode 316
08, Jan, 2019
}64 Minutes

Show Notes

Alysha Habgood is a naturopath, but as a young woman she wasn’t happy with her body image.  Her breasts were too small.   Living in a modern world she decided she could do something about it by having breast implants. 4 months later she was sick, tired and was presenting with an autoimmune disease.  She tried everything hoping it wasn’t her breast implants, but years later the evidence was clear, she had to remove the implants as well as deal with her belief about her body and breasts.  Alysha is a smart 29 year old, who has learnt a lot on her journey and now wants to make women aware of what implants can do to their health.  She is frank about what it was like removing the breasts and getting her health back.  If you know anyone with breast implants this is a must listen, spread this podcast far and wide, so woman become informed on this crucial health issue.


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