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UC 299: Surviving a crisis of Genetic Heart Disease – Holt Oram Syndrome with Juliet Dyer

Episode 299
11, Sep, 2018
}76 Minutes

Show Notes

It’s hard enough bringing up children, but imagine bringing up children who have heart issues, not only that but so does your life partner. Sometimes it’s easy to let yourself go and just cope. Not Juliet Dyer, she realized that in order to cope and live her best life she needed to be the best version of herself by taking the steps to look after herself first. With the help of the Up For A Chatters and the Wellness Couch she changed her attitude and life and reinvented herself and in doing so her family. 

If you want to know more about the gene the family had look up Holt Oram Syndrome.
If you want to contact this power house of a woman,

for further information about the hike around Mt Blanc 2020

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